Joe & Dough was founded in 2009 with the dream to deliver the best coffee and sandwich experience to many people. We don't do a whole lot, but what we do, we do it right with a great deal of care, sincerity and pride.

We turn the daily routine of coffee and sandwiches into a bespoke treat. From sourcing the best Arabica beans that we grind on demand to insisting on baking our own breads and choosing only the finest ingredients, we serve coffee and food that we are genuinely proud of.

★      SO, WHO IS JOE?      ★

The story goes that Josephus Daniels, who was also the Secretary of the U.S. Navy during World War I, imposed a general ban of alcohol on board all U.S. Navy ships. The loss of easy access to booze led to increased consumption of coffee by naval men, who christened their "mugs of Joe" as a sorrowful homage to the man!